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Full Day Kindergarten Proposal for 2016-2017
The administration of Pitman Public Schools is excited to propose an expansion of our Kindergarten program to a full day format beginning in the 2016-17 school year. This will allow our teachers and students adequate time to do all of the academic and developmentally appropriate activities necessary for setting a foundation for long term academic success for students. While additional planning remains to be done, we are confident in our staff and their judgment in making this transition to full day K.  
We are interested in hearing your thoughts about this proposal.  Please review the documents linked to this page to find out more information about this very important initiative. Feel free to contact Dr. McAleer (Superintendent) or Ms. Moody (Director of Curriculum and Instruction) at 856-589-2145 if you have any questions or wish to offer feedback.  Their email addresses are also listed below.  A announced decision on this proposal should be made sometime in late April or early May.