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District Anti-Bullying Information
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District Coordinator: Rebecca Brill Moody

Pitman BOE Office

420 Hudson Ave., Pitman, NJ 08071
Phone: 856-589-2145

Email: rmoody@pitman.k12.nj.us

To view the district's anti-bullying policy, please click the link to the right side of the page.

Anti-Bullying Specialists

Pitman High School 225 Linden Ave. Pitman, NJ 08071

Ms. Denise Pallies denisepallies@pitman.k12.nj.us 856-589-0634

Pitman Middle School 138 E. Holly Ave. Pitman, NJ 08071

Mrs. Christina Skanes cskanes@pitman.k12.nj.us 856-589-0636

Kindle Elementary School 211 Washington Ave. Pitman, NJ 08071

Mrs. Susan Rosenberger srosenberger@pitman.k12.nj.us 856-589-2628

Memorial Elementary School 400 Hudson Ave. Pitman, NJ 08071

Dr. Erica Davidson edavidson@pitman.k12.nj.us 856-589-2526

Walls Elementary School 320 Grant Ave. Pitman, NJ 08071

Mrs. Alicia Walsh awalsh@pitman.k12.nj.us 856-589-1316