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District Safety Committee


The Pitman Board of Education Safety Committee was established in order to assist administration in safety efforts that will help to reduce the potential for injuries, illnesses and property loss.  We recognize that a safe learning environment is of paramount importance in the educational process and believe that our health and safety and that of our colleagues, students and visitors is critical to the success of the school district.

As Safety Committee members, we understand that we will be looked to by our peers for guidance in a variety of safety matters.  The Safety Committee and its members will, collectively, be a model for safety excellence.  Members will demonstrate positive safety behavior at all times and will maintain open lines of communication between administration and staff.  We will seek to improve the safety of our schools through cooperative efforts with the Board, administration, employees, parents, and students and outside organizations.

We accept that a risk-free environment does not exist, but understand that many accidents can be prevented through the point efforts of all individuals involved in the education or our students.  Safety is the responsibility of every person, regardless of position, within the district.  Everyone can make a difference and out Safety Committee is dedicated to this fundamental belief.

Safety Committee Members (2011-12)

Business Administrator / Board Secretary Deborah Roncace
Chairperson Frances Yearwood
Secretary Joann Keefe
Superintendent of Schools Dr. Patrick McAleer
High School Jessica Morrone
Middle School. Kristen Gleich
Memorial School Ann Himmer
Walls School Maryellen Covely
Kindle School Corrine Tenerelli
Food Services Denise Danner
Facilities Mgr Thomas Herms