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PTV / Channel 19
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Pitman Television

Community Bulletin Board

Hi Everyone,

Our Channel 19 equipment received some significant upgrades, and I want to bring the changes to your attention.

First, we will now be referring to Channel 19 as P-TV (Pitman Television). We are assigned Channel 19 on Comcast but Channel 43 on FIOS and this eliminates any confusion. The new logo is attached.

The Channel 19 Community Bulletin Board information is being handled by the Pitman School District P-TV Coordinator, Mrs. Dawn Conner, at Walls School.  Click HERE to access the form necessary to post a message on Channel 19.  Once the form is signed and complete, please return it to Dawn Conner by fax at 856-589-4009 or by e-mail at dconner@pitman.k12.nj.us. Submission forms may also be picked up and returned to McCowan Memorial Library on nights and weekends. If you have questions or need additional information you can call Dawn Conner at Walls School at 856-589-1316.


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